Fast Professional Services Inc

Step 1- Enter Indentification Number‚Äč
Step 2 - Determine eligibility
Yes No Amount Weekly/Monthly/Anually
Have you been receiving SNAP / EBT assistance during year 2020
Have you been receiving housing allowance during year 2020
Have you been receiving disability benefits during year 2020
Did you have health coverage during year 2020
A- First Name Last Name B- Social Security Number C- Living with you in DOB
Step 3 - Determine eligibility


Yes No Upload Documents
State Issued ID of Filer and Spouse.
Birth certificates of dependents.
Verification of residence and relationship of dependents.
(DOCTOR Letter / School Letter)
Social Security Cards of the filer, spouse and dependents.
W2 or 1099 proof of income.
Copy of license for Work.
Yearly summary of Verfione or CMT.
Summary of Uber, Lyft, Juno, Gett, Via.
Form 1098-T.
Health Coverage Form 1095.
Mortgage Form 1098.